Tower of Dawn Review (SPOILER WARNING)

So just recently I finished reading Tower of Dawn, the sixth book in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Mass, and OH MY GOD. I will admit at first I didn't know how to feel about this book. I knew it would be good because Sarah is amazing at writing, but I just thought it wouldn't be the same without Aelin and the rest of the group. I felt this way for a while until halfway through the book when I was so hooked. It was slow at first but once the Valg and Fae came into play it got a lot more interesting.

So at first, I was so not interested in Nesryn's point of view, but once she left with Sartaq it got a lot better. I found when she was in Antica there was no point for her to have her own storyline because all she really did was visit her family. When she leaves with Sartaq is when it really gets interesting because of Falken. At first, I was just thought it was going to be another shapeshifter, which is cool, and then when he started talking about his family I realized he was related to Lysandra and I got so excited! After a little more reading it hit me like a brick that he was the merchant that Aelin (or should I say Celaena at the time) met when she was in the Red Desert and my mind was blown.

Not to mention the Maeve is a Valg Queen? I was not expecting that in the slightest, and not only that but stygian spiders are Valg too? I love the thought that Sarah put into this story.

Of course, Chaol was healed by the one and only Yrene Towers who I was very excited to see again. But then, of course, Duva renders him paralyzed again and almost kills him until all the healers in the Torre help bind Yrene and Chaol together so that he'll live. I was, and still am, I little iffy with the romances in this book because they feel so forced. I am a big fan of the Chaol and Aelin ship, but of course that no longer exists. I then thought that Chaol and Nesryn were going to be together because they did have a thing, but looking at it now I really don't understand why she put those details in there in the first place. I knew at the beginning that Chaol and Yrene would be together in the end, but like I said before I thought it was a little forced.

Also, the Epilogue ruined me. I'm just so eager to see what happens in the next book I can't wait! Overall though I was pleasantly surprised by this book and I'm very excited to see how the series ends.


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