Favorite Books of 2017

Over the course of 2017, I have found some books were much better than other, and they are here on this list.

To start I have Queen of Shadows and Empire of Storm by Sarah J. Maas, which are the fourth and fifth books in the Throne of Glass series, which follows an orphaned assassin in her kingdom. I liked these two above the others in the series overall just because of the action and events that went on in them.

Next, I have Star Girl by Jerry Spinelli. This book was a short little thing about a girl who is different and how others treated her. I found it to be so good because it helped me become less judgmental and more accepting of other people.
After that is Dead Little Mean Girl by Eva Darrows, which is about who is a nerd and her news step-sister who is a mean girl. It was a cute little contemporary that I just loved.

Next is A Court of Mist and Fury, the second book in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas. I won't say anything to spoil it, but this book is just the best one in the series and I love it so much!

After that is Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller, which is a little fantasy book about a girl who is part pirate and part siren who sails the seas.

Following that, we have Queer, There, and Everywhere by Sarah Prager, which is a nonfiction book about LGBTQ+ people in history. It was just really interesting learning about who they were and what they did for the world today.

Next is my favorite book of 2017, which is Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. This book is about Lazlo who is a librarian and is obsessed with the lost city of Weep and his journey to find it. Overall this book is pure magic and should be read by everyone!

After that is Nevernight and Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff, which both follow Mia Corvere, a girl who goes to the Red Church to learn the art of death, become an assassin, and get revenge on those who killed her parents. They were just so amazing!

Next is Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray, which is about an android and rebel, two enemies, who meet and become friends in unlikely ways. It was the most perfect Sci-Fi book that I've ever read and left me wanting more.

Lastly, we have Turtles All the Way Down by John Green, which follows Aza Holmes, who has anxiety and OCD, and her hunt to find a fugitive billionaire. It was an amazing little contemporary novel that I enjoyed a lot.

So there you have it, my favorite reads of 2017. I can't wait until next year when these stories continue on and I can add them to my long list of favorites! Want to see everything I read this year? Visit this link! 


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