February 2018 Owlcrate

This month's Owlcrate theme was Hidden Worlds and the things included did not disappoint. First, we have a skeleton key necklace based off of the book Coraline, which I am still yet to read. Next is a candle called Through the Wardrobe which is based off of the Chronicles of Narnia. After that, we have a pouch that says "We dreamed together of the world remade" which is from Daughter of Smoke and Bone. We also have an Alice in Wonderland sticker that has an adorable cartoon of Alice on it. Lastly is a wall tapestry that was far too big to fit in the picture, but says "Books fall open, you fall in" on it and it is absolutely beautiful! Of course, we have the book of the month which is The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert which comes with a sticker sheet, a letter from the author, the exclusive Owlcrate dusk jacket, and this is signed by the author! As always is the spoiler card, Owlcrate magazine, and the pin of the month, but that is all for this month! I loved the items in this box and I can't wait for next months theme, Across the Galaxy, so until then, goodbye!


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