June 2018 Wrap-Up

The month of June was pretty successful with a total of 8 books read.

To start I read three graphic novels. The first was Pierce Brown's Red Rising: Sons of Ares, which is a prequel to the Red Rising series. I really enjoyed the art and story of this and the background it gave for where the series starts, so for this, I gave it 5 stars.

I also read Lumberjanes Vol. 8: Stone Cold, which is a part of the Lumberjanes series, and I also gave this 5 stars. The last graphic novel was Monstress Vol. 1: Awakening, and I enjoyed the story and art of this but I found it a little hard to get into, so I gave it 4 stars.

The first book I read this month was LIFEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff which takes place in a futuristic America where it has mostly been destroyed by a nuclear explosion and follows a girl who ends up saving an android. I really enjoyed this because I love Kristoff's writing so I have it 5 stars.

Next, I have Death Wish which I got a free copy of to give an honest review, and I gave it 2 stars. I like the idea of it but the book was just very poorly executed. To check out my review of it click here.

After that, I have The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. I've been meaning to read this book ever since it came out and I'm glad I finally got to it. It follows Starr, an African-American teen who witnesses her unarmed friend get shot and killed by the police and the backlash that follows it. I gave this 5 stars and I highly recommend it because it sends a great message to everyone who reads it.

Following that, we have The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang which one of my new favorites. This book follows Rin, a war orphan who's trying to get into the most prestigious military academy in the country in order to avoid her arranged marriage. It's loosely based on the Second Sino-Japanese War and the Rape of Nanjing and also has a lot of details on drug use, self-harm, suicide, and more. Because of this, there are a lot of trigger warnings for those who are prone to it. I highly recommend this book, but please if you think you can't handle it then don't read it.

The final book was Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison, and I gave this 4 stars. It follows Rachel Morgan, a kind of demon hunter, who quits her job and breaks her contract with the company. Following this she works hard to stay alive as the company she quit from tries to kill her.

Overall June was a pretty successful month, a lot more successful than my past couple months, and hopefully things will continue going up-hill for the rest of the year.


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