Spoiler-Free Review of Beasts of Burden: Animal Rights

The other day when I walked into the library I work at my coworker hands me this graphic novel and told me that I had to read it because of how good it was. I fully trust her opinion so obviously, I read it right away.

The Beasts of Burden are a group of pets that live in a little place called Burden Hill. Everything is going normally until one day a dog starts noticing whimpering and whining in the night with no others nearby and fears that his doghouse is haunted.

From this point forward things turn to the strange. A dog is found dead on the side of the road, a boy is found sleeping in one of their dog houses, an overwhelming amount of black cats begins to show up along with their owners. As things get more supernatural the dogs and the single cat go off to get to the bottom of things.

This book was so good and I still can't get over it. Not only was it filled with such adorable and sweet moments, but there was also a fair share of heartbreaking scenes and parts that left me on the edge of my seat.

I loved this book so much and I highly recommend it to any fantasy or graphic novel fan. It's overall a great read that will really get you in touch with all of your emotions.


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