Spoiler-Free Review of Glass and Gardens: Solarpunk Summers

I received an early copy of this book from the publisher via Library Thing in exchange for an honest review.

Glass and Gardens is an anthology of short stories all about futures with worlds that are essentially utopian, or in short an optimistic version of steampunk. Overall I gave the book 3/5 stars because it wasn't my cup of tea in the end. Take a look down below for what I have to say about each story, going from highest rating to lowest.

The Spider and the Stars: 4/5 ⭐️
The Heavenly Dreams of Mechanical Trees: 4/5 ⭐️
These two stories were my favorites out of the anthology. I found The Spider and the Stars to be such a cute and interesting story to read about a future where humans learn to love bugs, and The Heavenly Dreams of Mechanical Trees was a hopeful story about a sentient mechanical tree who was soon going to stop functioning.

Caught Root: 3/5 ⭐️
Fyrewall: 3/5 ⭐️
New Siberia: 3/5 ⭐️
These three stories were also enjoyable to me, but in the end, didn't capture my attention like the others had. They were nice stories but I felt like they could have gone a little further and been made better overall. I liked the characters and story but they just fell a bit short for me.

Riot of the Wind and Sun: 2/5 ⭐️
Watch Out, Red Crusher!: 2/5 ⭐️
The Call of the Wold: 2/5 ⭐️
Camping with City Boy: 2/3 ⭐️
A Field of Sapphires and Sunshine: 2/5 ⭐️
Midsummer Night's Heist: 2/5 ⭐️
Grover: Case #C09 920, "The Most Dangerous Blend": 2/5 ⭐️
Amber Waves: 2/5 ⭐️
Grow, Give, Repeat: 2/5 ⭐️
Cable Town Delivery: 2/5 ⭐️
Women of White Water: 2/5 ⭐️
Under the Northen Lights: 2/5 ⭐️
The remaining twelve stories were all kind of the same to me. I read them all but they were just very lacking for me. I found that I didn't care much about the characters or the story of them altogether and I wasn't interested in what was going to happen. While they were good in theory, they weren't my kind of thing to read.


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