Spoiler Review of Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare

Just a few days ago I finished Queen of Air and Darkness, which is the final book in the Dark Artifices trilogy by Cassandra Clare, and I am speechless. The Dark Artifices is my favorite series by Clare yet and I was so happy to see it wrapped up.

I love seeing the relationship of the Blackthorn family, and seeing all of them together in this book made it even better. The death of Livvy was so devastating at the end of Lord of Shadows but by having them all together again at last helped.

One thing I love about this series the most is the relationship between Kit and Ty, I just adore the way they act with each other and how Kit would do anything to make Ty happy. At the end of the book when Kit decided to leave with Jem and Tessa I was so sad because there was still business left between him and Ty, but I guess I'll just have to wait for the Wicked Powers to see what happens.

This book did take a strange turn for me when Emma and Julian were transported to Thule, because a large focus on the world they live in and an alternate one was something different from what we've seen before. The idea of Thule was so interesting and seeing them help the cause to kill Sebastian was great because it reminded me of Mortal Instruments, but it did feel a little bit rushed in my opinion.

It was really interesting to see Emma and Julian turn into true Nephilim because it gave a deeper look into the history of the Shadowhunters. I did think it was a bit of a cheap shot that the heavenly fire in them just so happened to burn away the parabatai bond, but it did make me happy because Emma and Julian could finally be together.

The final chapter made me really happy because it reminded me of the ending of City of Heavenly Fire and I just loved seeing Alec and Magnus finally get engaged (briefly) and married. What I found most surprising about this book was the epilogue, because usually, they're so long, but this one was only 5 pages. Although it was short, so much happened and it opened up a whole world of possibilities of what's going to happen next in the Shadowhunter universe.

Overall I loved this book so much and I think it did a great job of bringing the Dark Artifices to an end.


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